"Through delicate finishings and fine machine production ebbing with ingenuity, nisreen and nermeen abu dail founded naqsh collective in Amman, Jordan in 2010. naqsh collective instantly became a conceptual framework reflected in the unique pieces of art and their intricate collaboration with design. A harmonious union between the oriental and the modern; naqsh integrates aspects of art, architecture and heritage through minimalism that brushes on sophistication. "

The sister duo nisreen and nermeen abu dail behind naqsh collective explore traditional narratives, folklore and motifs through a selection of design-art pieces. Using regional Middle Eastern embroidery patterns as their starting point, the Collective offers a permanence to the stories told through this delicate, age-old tradition by deconstructing its basic elements and reinterpreting them using solid, elemental materials — such as marble, wood and brass — that stand the test of time.