Adel El Siwi

Adel El Siwi “Faces”

Dubai, U.A.E, February 2007 – Artspace Gallery proudly presents the iconic collection of paintings by Adel El Siwi in another special Egyptian art exhibition from 13th of February till 8th of March 2007  under the patronage and sponsorship on the long time art benefactor Gargash Enterprises.

El Siwi was born in Beheira, Egypt in 1952 and studied medicine at Cairo University before seriously considering a career as a painter.  He had his first major show in 1985 at the Cairo Atelier.  In 1988 exhibition, held at the Mashrabia Gallery in Cairo marked his transition from the human figures to the interiorscape.  In this new phase he attempted to give the traditional still life object pride and powerful presence.  El Siwi chooses to use the trite, simple themes of flower pots, palm trees, camels, etc.  He strongly believed that the more limited the means the stronger the potential of the expression and refused to use any other medium of painting than painting on paper or canvas.  But in 1997 Venice Biennale’s exhibition, El Siwi explore a new genre of conceptual art through painting by exhibiting his newest collection of paintings entitled “The Face and Beyond.”  In this collection he acknowledges his past, as a cycle of repetition always in returns to its starting point and acknowledges as well the presence of the collective in the individual, attempting to blur the boundaries between the two.  This exhibition of exploration in discovery and rediscovery sets El Siwi apart from other painters.

Furthermore, El Siwi is a film art director, writer about contemporary art and experimented virtual work projection on buildings.  He also translated Leonardo Da Vinci’s Treatise on painting into Arabic.  

Catch a glimpse of this highly esteemed Egyptian painter as he showcases his unique collection in an exhibition organized by Artspace Gallery under the patronage and sponsorship of Gargash Enterprises.  

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