Farhad Moshiri

Farhad Moshiri exhibition at ArtSpace Gallery
Art Space exhibits the renowned and internationally established Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri during Ramadan from 1st November to 22nd November at ArtSpace Gallery. And the opening on the 1st November was a great success.
For the opening of the exhibition at the Art Space Gallery in the Fairmont Hotel on 1st Noember, Moshiri joined our guests to appreciate the graceful paintings. Since it was held during Ramadan, the gallery was decorated with a peaceful touch and we had more than 200 guests joined this special art event though it started late evening at 9:30pm!  
Farhad Moshiri was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1974, received formal art training in CALARTS in California. The Artist’s works have been widely exhibited in Europe and the States. Selected exhibitions include a solo show at the Hildebrand Gallery in Chelsea 2004, the Rooseum Centre for Contemporary Art at Malmo, Sweden 2003, the Bokhara Gallery at Tehran 2000. And his works have been also selected to be exhibited in the Modern Art Museum at UAE in 2003. The artist has successfully established himself as one of the most significant Middle East artists in the western art scene.
Moshiri is famous for his monumental jars series painted on canvas. He loves collecting old pottery and he paints simple and plain jars look like three dimensional objects decorated with elegant and recognizable Arabic scripts, like an epigraph that appeared as a prayer or a wish. The naturalistic and minimalistic styles reflect his love of Zen philosophy and aesthetics. His works have been widely exhibited in the States, Europe and Asia.  
For the significant exhibition during Ramadan, ArtSpace will exhibit the collection of Moshiri’s works, all characterized of his most renowned style - with simple contours, thick bodies, surfaces resembled crackled ice glaze and the beautiful Arabic calligraphic scripts.
ArtSpace Gallery is located on the 9th floor of The Fairmont Hotel and is open Saturday to Thursday from 10am to 8:30pm.
For further information, please contact Art Space Gallery at 971-4-332 5523.