Hassan Sharif and Mohammed Kazem


By repeating horizontal lines Hassan Sharif beliefs that in the 21st century we are leaving in a horizontal space in which things are arranged next to each other in a horizontal position instead of placing them on top of each other in vertical way. So the idea, concepts and images are floating and lies flat along the ground like “Iris” plant.
In same of Hassan’s paintings we see vertical lines which come across horizontal one, this kind of contradiction is imitation of our contemporary “chaotic” situation of daily routine life. We should be aware that even if he repeats horizontal lines most of the paintings are vertical.

Mohammad Kazem emphasizes on and captures the empty spaces between elements of Still Life by doing so he bridge the gaps between chairs, tables and other materials within background.
Through his paintings Mohammad Kazem deconstructs the air and linear perspective, and then he reconstructs the surface of his paintings using abstract and elementary simplifying forms like lines, shapes, brush strokes and other techniques.