Khaled Zaki 2016

March 2016 - The prestigious Dubai-based TABARI ARTSPACE Gallery, will hold an exhibit for the renowned Egyptian Artist Khaled Zaki titled Hymns of Gold. Tabari Artspace is committed to the promotion of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art and artists.

Born in Suez, Egypt in 1964, sculptor Khaled Zaki holds a Bachelor in Business from the Faculty of Commerce and a Master's in Restoration from the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University. Zaki studied Sculpture at the Al Khonany Museum of Art in Giza and perfected his use of stone and bronze in the various workshops in Pietrasanta Lu, Italy. A versatile artist, he has been commended on his painting and in 2000, won a national competition for the design and execution of a monumental sculpture in Galan Square, Cairo. During the Egyptian revolution of January 25th his works had been clearly moved from abstract to a combination between figurative and abstract where the artist with his style and in his own way could capture and express the feelings, dreams, and expectations of those living today within Egyptian and Arab society.

Zaki’s passion for the ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean arts and his deep concern about the resurrection subject can be touched in the forms, techniques and colors of his sculptures. He recently held the honor of representing his homeland in the Egypt Pavilion of the 2013 Venice Biennale. Zaki has participated in global exhibitions and symposiums. His works can be found in the Egyptian Museum for Modern Art, Cairo, and Egyptian Museum for Modern Sculpture in Aswan, and in private collections in the United States, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Kuwait, UAE and KSA.

To see Khaled Zaki’s exhibition, visit TABARI ARTSPACE in DIFC on 14th March, from 7-10 pm.

Location : TABARI ARTSPACE, The Gate Village 3, DIFC,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

Opening : 7:00 pm
March 12 2016 - April 16 2016.