Mouneer Al Shaarani 2015

TABARI ARTSPACE Gallery opens Mouneer Al Shaarani’s calligraphy exhibition

His Excellency Mohammad Ahmed Al Murr inaugurates show running until 16th May 2015

Dubai, UAE (April 20, 2015) – Under the patronage of HE Mohammad Ahmed Al Murr, Speaker of Federal National Council of the UAE, TABARI ARTSPACE Dubai and Praesidium LLP today open the exhibition of works by calligraphy artist Mouneer Al Shaarani.

HE Mohammad Ahmed Al Murr, Speaker of Federal National Council of the UAE inaugurated the opening ceremony attended by VIP guests, friends and followers of the artist including the media. The exhibition featured some of the most acclaimed works of Mouneer Al Shaarani who is a celebrated calligrapher, designer and writer, living and working in Syria. Describing his works, Al Shaarani said they are the “outcome of pondering over the rich calligraphic heritage with a critical eye. I endeavored to produce a calligraphic work which does not depend on borrowing from other arts, and it doesn’t derive its aesthetics but only from pairing between general aesthetic bases of the arts, and the essential aesthetic characteristics of Arabic calligraphy. I chose some extremely ancient calligraphy styles as Kairouan Kufi, square Kufi, and Almashriki Kufi. I studied the characteristics of each style, developed their letters, completed their shortcomings, amended their ratios and reformulated them structurally and synthetically with modernistic logic.”

Maliha Al Tabari, Managing Director, TABARI ARTSPACE said, “We congratulate Mouneer Al Shaarani for the opening of his exhibition here at TABARI ARTSPACE Dubai. We invite art enthusiasts to visit this highly interesting exhibition of the internationally renowned calligraphy artist’s works because each work represents the beauty of calligraphy which is appreciated by Arabs and non-Arabs alike.” Mohammed Sagheer, CEO of Praesidium LLP, noted: “Praesidium LLP is proud and honoured to sponsor Mouneer Al Shaarani’s calligraphy exhibition at the Art Space Gallery. At Praesidium LLP, we firmly believe in supporting the creative community with the aim of increasing awareness of Dubai’s innovative and ever expanding arts and culture scene."

Specializing in contemporary graphic design Mouneer Al Shaarani accesses contemporary calligraphic work, whose sap stems from the deep root of the Arabic calligraphy tree, and sets it free it from its sacred golden cage. Rid of its inertia and conventional restraints, he enables the noble art of calligraphy to move to the wider horizons of art, and earn its rightful, prestigious place among the fine arts.

The Mouneer Al Shaarani exhibition show will be in exhibit until 16th May at TABARI ARTSPACE Dubai Bldg 3 The Gate Village Podium Level, Dubai International Financial Center.