Solo Exhibition: Nassar Mansour

26 April - 24 May 2017

Solo exhibition of works by prominent Master Calligrapher, Nassar Mansour 2017. The exhibition will feature pieces from his latest exhibition titled HUWA.

Born 1967 in Amman, Jordan, Dr. Nassar Mansour is a master calligrapher and is one of the most accomplished contemporary calligraphers in the Arab world.
Mansour was the first Jordanian to obtain the traditional ijaza in Islamic calligraphy from the Turkish master Hasan Celebi in 2003. He later received his PhD on the Arabic script Muhaqqaq from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London.

Nassar is known for his academic works on Arabic calligraphy as well as his role in reviving the Muhaqqaq script. He recently published “Amshaq al-Khatt al-Muhaqqaq, The First Amshaq of its Kind in the History of Arabic Calligraphy”.

Mansour has participated in many national and international calligraphy activities, including exhibitions, workshops, talks and many more took place in Arab world, Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia and Japan.

His artworks are of the permanent collection at the: British Museum, London, The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto and many international private collections.


“In times of turbulence and uncertainty in the Islamic World, I believe art has an even more than usually needed role in upholding the importance of the interior life. Arabic calligraphy has developed as the medium for recording and spreading the Word of God. My exhibition will have the focus of this spiritual dimension and purpose in Islamic Art. My art aims to encourage and support the believer in reflecting on this.”
-Nassar Mansour