Gallery Founder, Maliha Tabari, featured in Larry's List Next Gen Collectors List

In our more-than-150-collector strong list, we make a global cross-analysis of art collectors under the age of 40 and introduce their personas, collections and social media channels. The report also explores the motivations behind their foundations, private museums and art spaces. A number of the collectors portraited are appearing for the first time in the public spotlight. In-depth interviews have been conducted with collectors Oleg Guerrand, Yohana Irawan, Huma Kabakci and Victoria Rogers.


MALIHA TABARI Dubai, UAE @malihatabari


"Maliha Tabari’s collection is founded upon Middle Eastern artists who were considered emerging when she first acquired them but are now established (e.g., Adam Henein, Safwan Dahoul) and her desire to create a dialogue with the West through loans. She also achieves this goal through her gallery and soon-to-be-inaugurated artist residency, Tabari Artspace, which brings Middle Eastern artists to international audiences through exhibitions, talks, publishing and workshops."

Février 18, 2021