Abu Dhabi Art: Alfred Basbous, Tagreed Darghouth, and Mohamed Arejdal

17 - 21 Ноября 2021

As the UAE celebrates its Golden Jubilee Tabari Artspace contributes to the dialogue of the occasion at Abu Dhabi Art, presenting a selection of the artists that the gallery has collaborated  with and exhibited since its establishment in the UAE in 2002.


For Abu Dhabi Art, Tabari Artspace presents a two-part exhibition that navigates the MENA region’s rich traditions, dynamic present and promising future through the varied perspectives of its artists working across disciplines, from the modern and contemporary periods. 


Featured artists include: modernist sculptural pioneer Alfred Basbous, painter, Tagreed Darghouth, visual artist Alymamah Rashed, abstract expressionist Omar El Nagdi and multi-media artist, Mohamed Arejdal.


For part one of the exhibition modernist sculptor, Alfred Basbous and contemporary painter, Tagreed Darghouth offer a multifaceted gaze out of Lebanon. Their artworks produced through different techniques and at different moments in time respond to the immediate environment and reveal vastly different world views and lived experiences. For part two Alymamah Rashed, Omar El Nagdi and Mohamed Arejdal raise questions surrounding tradition, spirituality and cultural practices in the contemporary moment.