Peyman Shaafi 1974

"In a profoundly personal statement, amidst our ongoing moment of pandemic and social unrest, Shaafi has returned to the purity of geometric patterns and their structures of strict mathematical precision in order to make sense of his chaotic reality. He conflates cosmic energy flows with the satisfying order that geometric rhythms propose in order to form a fresh space grounded in positivity". 


Peyman Shaafi spent his youth as a diligent scholar of calligraphy and Persian scripture. Shaafi’s earlier works drew from classic Nastaleeq design, one of the main calligraphic hands used in writing the Persian alphabet, before a shift that saw the artist attempt to reformat the rules and develop his own abstract approach which conflated design and script. Astrology and geometry became of increasing concern to the artist who later began to produce works rooted in eastern and western approaches to stargazing and future-seeking. 


Shaafi has pioneered a fresh approach to his medium whereby he formulates 3D modular canvases in varied geometrical shapes which he constructs and stretches by hand. Shaafi then adorns them with oil paint and unexpected materials such as broken mirrors and glass to create experimental textures and aesthetic effects.