My Family : Mohamad Abla

2012年4月23日 - 5月16日

‘My Family’ is a Solo show of artworks by established Egyptian artist Mohammad Abla, from April 23rd, 2012.


Mohammed Abla born in Belqas, Egypt in 1953. The artist first gained fame in the 1980’s for his unique style of blending European influences into traditional Egyptian ways of painting. The exhibition entitled ‘My Family’ narrates a story of the artist Mohammed Abla, who invites us into his home, past and present.


The viewer is taken on a journey into the artist life to meet some of the characters that have formed his past. His artworks weave a rich tapestry of stories of old and new, and give the viewer an insight to family life in Egypt and that of the artist. Mohammed Abla’s artworks stir the memory, with nostalgic imagery and touching portraits of family scenes that somehow feel familiar. Mohamed Abla’s works are very much influenced by the past, Egypt’s wealth of traditions and symbolic references.


His artworks form a narrative, a record of the past and present like a personal entry into a diary, these record’s of events reflect a time and a place and the artist position through the changing courses of his life. Abla’s painting have an overpowering intensity, depicting Cairo street scenes in easy, free lines which focus mainly on graphics and oil painting.