Listen to the Beat : Adel El Siwi

9 November 2015 - 17 January 2016

Along with The Beat

Where does music emerge from and what is it’s final destination?
This question itself implies a sense of constant flow, a movement that abides by its own internal laws. The notes pour out like a sequence of waves relentlessly chasing each other according to an undeclared rhythm. Might this be the secret of its charm?
The sound of music approaches me with arms wide open, like a dear friend intent on wrapping me in their embrace. A friend who never demands that I stop to ponder, but rather urges me forth... encourages me to lose myself in the passion for life. Music is not merely background noise that punctuates my day nor is it a backdrop for my work as a painter, it is a permanent reassuring companion eternally by my side. When I paint, it is the shield that protects my exposed flank from Cairo’s boisterous rumblings. Cairo, my beloved rowdy city....
When the music yanks me into its current, emotions overflow and from here it all starts. Music in its whole, not the tunes, not the sweet melodies and not the haunting vocals but music in and of itself is a sufficient stimulant.
These paintings are the result of my fascination since childhood with musical instruments; their astonishing forms and their effect on musicians when they play them.. gestures, expressions or a simple meaningful grimace. I am paying a modest homage to the boundless generosity of music and its musicians.