Studio Stories

  • THE VOICE | Almaha Jaralla

    THE VOICE | Almaha Jaralla

    As she launches her first solo exhibition at Tabari Artspace Gallery, Emirati visual artist Almaha Jaralla shares insight into her artistic inspirations that span her aunt’s archival photography and the shifting architecture of the region.


    For Seham, the visual artist has produced a series of mixed media artworks on canvas that depart from the artist’s own archival family portraits taken in Abu Dhabi during the 1980s. Jaralla understands these intimate portraits as a window into the essence of the city during a period of rapid social and physical transformation in the Gulf. Jaralla's work highlights the fashions and familial dynamics of that era, a moment when parks and beaches were key physical spaces that shaped the community, and when large family outings were commonplace.



  • The Voice | Khaldoun Hijazin

    The Voice | Khaldoun Hijazin

    Through his compositions, visual artist Khaldoun Hijazin exposes dense webs of allusion. His works on canvas negotiate systems of power and ideologies, particularly relating to the Arab world, approached through the artists own blend of dark humour. The son of a comedian and key progenitor of social and political theatre in Jordan, Hijazins choice of subject matter demonstrates a preoccupation with the dynamics of representation and the hierarchies of the visible.


    We step into the studio of the Amman-based creative to discover the ways that inspirations as varied as political theatre, baroque and critical theory contribute to his art.


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  • The Narrative | Art’s Female Trailblazers
    The Narrative | Art’s Female Trailblazers

    We celebrate the women artists breaking boundaries and reconfiguring gendered stereotypes. In this article, contemporary women artists share their perspectives on how gender, as a category of identification, shapes their experience as an artist. For some art forms a medium through which gendered stereotypes might be addressed while for others art is a space where they can reflect upon their womanhood. Then, there are those that find gender an invalid and limiting lens.



  • The Gaze | Textural Intimacies: Skin as Surface
    The Gaze | Textural Intimacies: Skin as Surface

    As part of the launch of her gallery solo exhibiton at Tabari Artspace, Dubai, editor and critic, Nadine Khalil, reflects on the on the oeuvre of contemporary Lebanese artist, Chafa Ghaddar.


    Khalil explains that Chafa Ghaddar’s visual vocabulary draws from her professional background in decorative painting and fresco, an industry that can be separated from her education in the fine arts even while she has merged the two. Early memories that pulled her towards this field include how physical traces of humidity manifested on the walls of her childhood home in Lebanon and the need for constant repair against contamination. While she has translated this understanding of transformative surfaces in an embodied way, through attempts at capture, her process of accruing sediments and consequently stripping them away gesture towards abstract expressionism, albeit in a more controlled manner than action painting.



  • The Voice | Chafa Ghaddar
    The Voice | Chafa Ghaddar
    Ahead of her first solo exhibition at Tabari Artspace gallery in Dubai we step into the Tashkeel studio of Chafa Ghaddar. In this recent interview with Tabari Artspace Ghaddar unpacks her process, conceptual concerns and her enduring bond with the tradition of fresco that sprung from the sweltering walls of her childhood home.