Solo Exhibition: Ahmed Mater

15 March - 2 April 2015

Ahmed Mater Al Ziad Aseeri (1979) is the son of a traditional Aseeri painter (mother) from the village of Rujal Al-Ma’a in the mountainous and green Aseer region of Southern Saudi Arabia. He was raised in its capital, Abha, where he still combines his career as an artist with that of a medical doctor at the local hospital.

Drawing on the duality of his existence as both artist and doctor, Mater's work frames humanity within a palimpsest of religious symbols and scientific references. The iconic and sometimes disturbing compositions float between the memory of a magical past and the fear of an uncertain future ... searching for the presence of faith, spirit, magic and even love in the modern world.


Compelled by a brave, conceptual imagination, Mater has developed a unique and powerful artistic voice which has brought him to the forefront of Saudi‘s emerging contemporary arts scene.


His work has been included in the British Museum’s Word into Art exhibition and collected by museums and patrons across Europe and the Middle East. His more conceptual work including the pioneering Yellow Cow and X-Ray Suicide projects have been included in the Sharjah (2007) and Ciaro (2008) biennales and he has recently co-curated the acclaimed Edge of Arabia, Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia at London’s Brunei Gallery. His work will also be featured in the Venice Biennale later this year.