Exhibition: The Return, Khaled Zaki

In February 2002, my first personal exhibition in Egypt came after a long absence in Italy, entitled, Time to Return. This title had to do with the overwhelming desire I had for ten years in exile to return to my homeland. 

Although I have produced many sculptural experiments that have been shown to my opponents in many countries around the world, during those years I have rarely presented in Egypt only some individual works at some gatherings. I came back again to present my second personal exhibition in Egypt, ‘Back’. This exhibition is a collection of selected works that reflect my personal collections of sculptures and paintings spanning between 1996 and 2016. In the philosophies of the combination that grew with me in parallel with the passage of all those years. The sense of ‘Return’ to the homeland, where the big house and where the parents, friends, and neighbors are is an unmatched sense to any other.” 

- Khaled Zaki

September 26, 2018