Highlights from Ithra’s ‘Mara’ina’ Exhibition

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Born in 1980 in Gaza, Harb utilizes old photographs and archival material that he has collected over the years, transforming them into poignant conceptual compositions. Collage enables him to create a discourse using a mix of references to a Palestinian past — one that relies on history as much as it does myth. Through his art Harb asks the question: How do you evoke the past of a people denied its right to existence?”

The 2017 series on view in “Mara’ina” is part of Harb’s ongong series “Power Does Not Defeat Memory.” The artist tells Arab News: “It refers to the concept regarding how the power of colonialism and occupation couldn’t affect the collective and personal memories of the Palestinian people pre-1948.”


December 20, 2019