An Effort is a residency founded around narratives. Artists who are exploring present are gateways to possible thoughts, dialogues and futures.


An effort takes on artists who, either through their messaging or their process, seek to connect and engage with their audience and wider community in a unique way.


Endeavouring to provide a new space of belonging, the residency and studio is a space for the selected artists to research, discuss and create; where each program is a collaboration between the artists and residency committee.


Abdalla’s multidisciplinary practice crosses photography, film, performance, works on canvas and installation. Much of Abdalla’s art is invested with research-based cultural narratives and folklore as well as explorations of psychology, social interactions and memory. She interrogates dualities of right/wrong, sin/righteousness and exposes the fragility of social constructs through her art. Abdalla constructs theatrical scenes cast with characters that represent various facets of the self. During the An Effort residency programme Abdalla continued her explorations of these themes using the An Effort framework to refine her technique, explore new mediums and connect with the London art community.

August 1, 2022