naqsh collective Presents at Abu Dhabi Art 2018

ABU DHABI ART: naqsh collective to announce its participation in the 2018 edition of Abu Dhabi Art

naqsh collective are delighted to announce its participation in the 2018 edition of Abu Dhabi Art, showcasing the esteemed Jordanian artists under the naqsh collective, sisters nisreen and nermeen abu dail.


The art fair will see naqsh collective exhibit their ubiquitous designs that reframe ancestral and emblematic patterns from Middle Eastern embroidery in an unprecedented, contemporary context to compelling avail. One of the intentions of their work is to reaffirm the continued social and global relevance of their culture and its creative output.


On display will be ‘The Bride’s Rug’ (basalt stone with brass shaves, 2017), a piece brought to life with the accompanying fictitious narrative created by naqsh collective that positions the piece as a handwoven rug crafted in the embroidery of a Palestinian bride’s heritage. The rug was hidden for safekeeping during times of turmoil and later uncovered and re-proposed by naqsh collective. Other selected pieces are taken from the Wihdeh Collection (Corian with brass inlay, 2015). Wihdeh takes the practice of embroidery and repositions it as a universal language. Each group of stitches within the design is referred as a ‹unit› to highlight naqsh’s overriding belief in the spirit of unity and also to showcase the beauty within Arabic culture.

November 14, 2018