Hungry for Home

Carmen Mc Intosh, Positive Magazine, November 7, 2018

Tabari Artspace, based in DIFC Dubai, is an art gallery specialized in Middle Eastern art. On the 27th November they are proudly opening the doors to the Hungry for Home exhibition by Samah Shihadi.

The hyperrealist artist will present 35 pieces of art, all focused on the importance of food which is deeply connected to tradtions and roots. The drawings are made with pencil and charcoal, looking so realistic that they can be mistaken for photographs. But behind the use of food as a connection to the Palestinian land, the drawings are a symbol of displacement, of lost home and a need to return to it. To accompany the drawings are the words of Ranya Tabari Idliby, a Palestinian writer based in New York.


We asked these to women some questions about their work and the connection between them.