“Hungry for Home”: The Voices of Two Palestinian Women Artists – in Conversation

Kenesha Julius, Art Radar, November 26, 2018

In a tacit lapse of time, a lady on her knees toils away at what appears to be a generous feast. Detailed patterned garments surround her, a graceful display of generations of female tradition. There is a calm look of resolve in her eyes as her vindication is clear. She knows what she must do.


This is the possible depiction of the work of Palestinian artist Samah Shihadi, stemming from a series of powerful realistic charcoal and pencil drawings. This artwork, along with other compelling pieces from an enchanting collection, will be displayed in an exhibition in collaboration with well-known Palestinian author Ranya Tabari Idilbly. The exhibition, boldly titled “Hungry for Home”, opened at Tabari Artspace in Dubai on 27 November 2018 and showcases both the artist’s and the author’s work simultaneously, exploring how deeply rooted cultural codes can powerfully impact the body and the memory.