Construction of the Future Starts from Memory

Bvlgari , November 5, 2019
He defines himself as a narrator who loves to put a sense of history in his works, because he is profoundly convinced that only by departing from our memory, from our past, both ancient and recent, is it possible to build a better world. Kevork Mourad, Syrian artist of Armenian origins, left his land in 1998 to move to the United States. Now, he lives and works in New York but he never abandoned his roots which are the foundation of his artistic creations. He dedicated the works on display in his personal exhibition at the Tabari Artspace in Dubai to exiles, those who are forced to leave everything behind to search for a better life, those who leave a troubled past for an uncertain future. Three-dimensional works that he defines as “sculpted drawings” in which even the shadows are an integral part, pieces that, like chapters in a book, are connected, one to the other, from the preceding is born the successive, and all are part of the same narrative. Mourad also pushes beyond the three-dimensional, creating new and unusual connections between once-separate disciplines. Particularly with music, which has always played a key role in his work. “It is magical to me,” says the artist, “When, sometimes, the music will seem to control the lines and gestures of the visual piece and vice versa, like a dance between the two.” The “dance” continues in this exhibition, thanks, as well, to the arrangements by Argentinian composer Juan Pablo Jofre.