Palestinian Artist Hazem Harb Is Reframing Memories

Rand al Hadethi, GQ MIddle East, May 18, 2020
Meet the man breathing life into Palestine’s past, present and future (In May Print and Online)

Through paintings, collages, sculptures and art installations, the 40-year-old transfers Palestinian archives into new evocations of culture that breathe in the past, present, and future. On occasion, he satirically plasters the Palestinian eye with the Western view.


Having experienced the Palestinian war himself, the opportunity to study in Italy allowed Harb to reconcile his roots. As such, his artwork changes with time but remains heartfelt and symmetrical to themes of war and trauma. Now living between Rome and Dubai, Harb, with uncommon skill, narrates the turmoil of the dispersed citizen. But he isn’t here to dictate the political discourse; it’s all simply part of his panorama of sentimental debris...