Harriet Bardsley

Art Director
Harriet Bardsley-Hogg received her degree in the UK and has worked in the UAE since 2011. Initially drawn to the region by its rich traditions and dynamic social practices, Harriet’s career has encompassed her taste for these values and dual experiences in the East and West. She has worked with leading international concepts rooted in fine living, experiential engagement and the celebration of glocal culture. 
Harriet is a founding member of the Arternative Space platform known for its innovative collaborations at the intersection of art, culture, lifestyle and literature. She joined Tabari Artspace as part of its re-branding process in 2017 and has since overseen the operations and international expansion of the gallery. She is heavily committed to the development of the gallery’s represented artists and has worked closely with them to nurture their practices and build their profiles collaborating with leading international institutions. Curating exquisite environments is second-nature to Harriet who acts as gallery curator and advisor to art collectors.
Her work has seen her travel extensively across the MENA region to meet with both clients and artists. Since 2015, when she first comissioned a work by Hazem Harb as part of his Damascus series, Harriet has been amassing a personal collection of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art. Particularly drawn to works produced using traditional techniques in a contemporary mode, she enthuses about art’s abilities to chronicle the lesser-known realities of the dynamic societies within which she exists. Harriet continues to support the region’s art both professionally and personally and now owns a collection of works by many of the artists whose careers Tabari Artspace has helped to nurture including Hazem Harb, Khaled Zaki, Tagreed Darghouth and Hussein Madi.