Laura Beaney

Director of Communications

Laura Beaney combines her fascinations with social anthropology and the arts in her role as Tabari Artspace’s Director of Communications. Appreciating the bond that visual and written modes of communication share, she divides her time between artists' studios, documenting the social and creative experiences that encapsulate the contemporary moment in the Middle East. Working as a culture editor, Laura has written extensively on the art of the region contributing to publications including Canvas Magazine, Tatler, and Mojeh. In 2019 she published her first book, Crossing the Catwalk: Transvestism in Contemporary Fashion and Culture. 


Laura is currently pursuing a PhD. Her interdisciplinary research focused on second-generation female artists in the Iranian diaspora, crosses contemporary art, gender studies and ethnography. She is also currently at work on a book compiling the individual narratives of selected Middle Eastern artists which will be published next year by Academica Press.