• Tabari Artspace: Forte dei Marmi Residency

    Tabari Artspace: Forte dei Marmi Residency

    Tabari Artspace Gallery has collaborated with the newly renovated boutique hotel, La Serena, in Forte Dei Marmi to launch a revolving gallery space and artist residency.
    The hotel-gallery concept forms a platform that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a revolving exhibition of works by international artists. Beyond its role as a revolving exhibition space, the hotel extends an invitation to artists to take up residence within its walls. The artist residency programme, pioneered by Tabari Artspace, aims to forge connections between ambitious artists, writers, and creatives, providing them with a global platform and inspiring the next generation of artistic visionaries through immersive experiences in stimulating environments.
    During their residency, artists can unwind, absorb inspiration, and follow in the footsteps of visionaries such as Michelangelo and Henry Moore, who once sought solace and creativity in Forte dei Marmi. 
  • HOME FROM HOME RESIDENCY With the understanding that inspiration flourishes amid rich cultural immersion and through encounters with new individuals,...



    With the understanding that inspiration flourishes amid rich cultural immersion and through encounters with new individuals, spaces and places, the Tabari Artspace’s global residency programme takes art out of the confines of the traditional exhibition framework and, through an innovative model of creative exchange, seeks to provoke unprecedented opportunities for artistic innovation. Connecting communities and incubating inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural exchange, this one-month residency programme places the artists of the MENA region in diverse and dynamic situations in order to disrupt the status quo and challenge the boundaries of practice and participation.




    Artists from the MENA region are provided with a transformative opportunity to develop and exhibit new bodies of work through a moving one-month residency programme that places creators in culturally-charged spaces far-removed from their typical studio environment from Zurich to Mexico City, Berlin and beyond.


    The local community are invited to engage with the resident artist on an intimate level witnessing their studio environment and entering into new and unexpected paths of conversation. The programme further activates the presence of the artist in residence by inviting the community of immersion to participate in an ever-changing array of workshops and evening dinners and discussions; hosted by a curation of inspirational speakers from diverse professional fields. This point of connectivity not only enriches the local community and next generation of potential creators but also stimulates further opportunities for artistic inspiration. The residency culminates in the exhibition and sale of the artworks produced under these compelling conditions.




    Local educational institutions and aspiring artists are able to absorb mentoring support and firsthand knowledge from the artist in residence while discovering new things about their culture, opening pathways for new modes of conceptualisation and understanding.






    As Tabari Artspace moves into its second decade we extend our programming to encompass international artists that have contributed to the dialogue of the MENA region whether conceptually, technically or through physical presence. 
    We have always strived to present conceptually-driven art that exposes the complexities of the human experience.  Through twice-yearly projects we will now spotlight artists that have cast their gaze towards the MENA region in order to foreground fresh perspectives, illuminate unexpected connections and connect the art of the region to new audiences.