Samah Shihadi

"Her utterance comes forth within a fantastic, almost surreal, wondrously beautiful world of images that ranges from the private to the communal, creating dialogue between them. This is done through reference to land and village, place and dream, a body shining and wilting, recollection and amnesia, occultism,surrealism and realism. "


Emanuela Calo, Tel Aviv Museum

Samah Shihadi, recipient of the 2018 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realistic Art, is among the modern generation of young female Palestinian artists and one of the unique voices in the local field of art. Through her chosen media, hyperrealism, she scrutinises issues pertaining to identity, her native traditional society and her political reality. In her work, Shihadi offers realistic insight and a feminist stance which address female identity in both Arab culture and the world at large. Her delicate drawings, made with great precision touch on topics central to contemporary art, and offer a pronouncement and visual report that fluctuates between the internal, personal, social and cultural.