Figurative to Abstraction : Alfred Basbous

12 October - 23 November 2017

Tabari Artspace Gallery presented, Figurative to Abstraction a two part exhibition of selected studies, drawings and works by Lebanese modernist sculptor, Alfred Basbous. Selected works were exhibited in Dubai. 


The artworks of Alfred Basbous often take an abstract turn. The artist deals with shape without prior realistic perception, even when his creations involve human features; hence, the theme of this exhibition, "Figurative to abstraction", which showcases the latest curated selection of Alfred Basbous’ master pieces.


Basbous’s works express a lifelong exploration of the human form and its abstract properties. Focused on the aesthetic principles of shape, movement, line and material, his sculptures display a deeply ingrained sincerity and a search for the essence of beauty. The works of Alfred Basbous are part of numerous public and private collections throughout the world, including the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the Musée Rodin in Paris and in the public areas of Beirut and many Lebanese cities.


The  Alfred  Basbous  Foundation  was  established  by  Alfred Basbous  in  2004  to  foster   an   environment   receptive   to   his  work  and  bring  modern  arts  to  the attention of a growing public. The Foundation  devotes  all  its  resources  to   uphold   the   Basbous   legacy   at   his  home  in  Rachana  and  through  exhibitions worldwide, grants to arts organizations  and  researches  at  the  Alfred  Basbous  open  air  Museum.  The foundation runs the estate of the artist  and  have  the  cultural  property  for  the  Bronze  cast  editions,The  open  air  Museum  and  Garden,  beautifully   installed   by   Fadi   Alfred   Basbous  in  2010  on  the  ground  of  its  property  in  the  heart  of  Rachana,  houses the collection of the artist and hosts  year-round  exhibitions  for  the art  lovers  and  glamorous  crowd  to  celebrate Basbous inspiring creations.