Art Here, Group Exhibition, Louvre Abu Dhabi : Hashel Al Lamki

24 November 2023 - 18 February 2024
Louvre Abu Dhabi invited artists to propose new sculptures and installations that explored the dynamics of transparency – its material and perceptual significance. The exhibition is enclosed beneath the museum's intricate floating dome of light and shade, drawing on the interplay of shadows, liquid reflections, and flashes of permeating sunlight as a starting point. Transparency was more than just a material quality of lucidity or opacity; it encompassed both the physical act of seeing and the subjective experiences of looking, which could shift in different contexts. Though it implied clarity, therefore simplicity or veracity, it was part of a process that saw meanings shift with movement, understanding, and over time.

Taking place outdoors and under the dome for the first time, Art Here 2023 afforded artists the opportunity to present their work within one of the world's most extraordinary museum settings.

The 2023 edition of Art Here was curated by Maya El Khalil.