Farouk Hosny Solo Exhibition: Farouk Hosny

13 October - 4 December 2013

Tabari Artspace Gallery, Dubai, presented a series of works by Egyptian abstract painter, Farouk Hosny.


Hosny's paintings are masterpieces of harmonious composition, enigmatic imagery, and vibrant colour palettes, which eloquently communicate the language of the modern world. Through his use of abstraction, he skillfully translates the timeless symbols of his homeland into dynamic, calligraphic gestures, employing vivid hues reminiscent of the Egyptian landscape: the deep blacks of sudden nightfall, the mesmerizing blues of the sea, the pure whites of limestone, the mystical violets of the Sinai mountain range, the fiery ochre of the desert, the lush greens of the flowing Nile, the subdued greys of ancient stones, and the vibrant oranges of flaming sunsets.

Hosny's works have been showcased in museums, exhibitions, and art centres worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Fort Lauderdale in Miami, National Museum of Vienna, le Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and Tokyo Art Museum, as well as various Arab and Egyptian Museums.

Art critics such as Jessica Winegar, Dan Cameron, Philippe de Montebello (USA), Michel Nuridsany (France), Enzo Bilardello, Giovanni Carladente, Lorenza Troki, and Maria Trenga Benedetti (Italy) have provided notable introductions to his work.