Solo Exhibition: Farouk Hosny

13 October - 4 December 2013

Farouk Hosny is considered as one of the Middle East’s most iconic artists. Upon graduating from the Alexandria Academy of Arts in 1964, he was appointed as the director of the Anfoushy Cultural Palace. Hosny then relocated to Paris as a cultural attaché heading the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris. Hosny was honored at an early age when he was appointed in the prestigious position of handling the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome. Following his successful time at the Rome academy, he was chosen as the minister of culture of Egypt, a position he held until his retirement in 2011.

Mr. Hosny is renowned for his unique abstract style in art. His works have been featured in the most prominent museums, exhibitions and art centers in the world including the Metropolitan museum, Houston museum of Fine Arts, Fort Lauderdale in Miami, the National Museum of Vienna, le Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Tokyo Art Museum in addition to several Arab and Egyptian Museums.


Some of the most important art critics have given him introductions such as Jessica Winegar, Dan Cameron, Philippe de Montebello of the USA, Michel Nuridsany from France, Enzo Bilardello, Giovanni Carladente, Lorenza Troki and Maria Trenga Benedetti from Italy.

Composed with exquisite balance, enigmatic imagery and a dynamic palette, Hosny’s paintings speak the language of the modern world. Through his use of abstraction, Hosny has transformed the eternal signs of his native country into restless, calligraphic gestures using vivid colors evocative of the Egyptian landscape: the blacks of sudden nightfall, the blues of sea water, the whites of limestone, the violets of the Sinai mountain range, the burning ocher of the desert, the green of the flowing Nile, the grays of ancient stones, and the oranges of flaming sunsets.