Solo Exhibition: Sabhan Adam

22 April - 20 May 2006

Syrian poet and painter on spotlight in Tabari Artspace

Dubai, U.A.E; April 2006- Tabari Art Space Gallery presents the enigmatic paintings of Sabhan Adam in a special exhibition from 22 April to 20 May 2006.

The Syrian-born artists gained fame for his surrealist artworks, which depict enigmatic and intricate images of people. Adam started painting when he was 17 years old.  Five years later, in 1994, he had his first exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Damas.  As admiration for his paintings   grew, Adam’s works were showcased in various other exhibitions in Beirut, Dijon, Amman, Nice, Barcelona, New York and Paris. 


In addition to paintings, Adam is passionate about writing poems and has published many of his works in a prolific career spanning more than twenty years.


Catch a glimpse of this highly respected artist as he showcases some of his best works in the exhibition organized by Art Space Gallery and sponsored by long time art patron Gargash Enterprises.  The selected paintings will highlight Adam’s peculiar individuality, as well as the deep-seated anger and anguish that characterize many of his works.  In his own words, Adam says, “Each time I start painting, it means I am facing a problem.  I am always tormented…The more I paint, the angrier I become.”