In The Wind of January : Khaled Zaki

17 March - 27 April 2014

Tabari Artspace Art Gallery presented the solo exhibition of Egyptian artist, Khaled Zaki, entitled: In the Wind of January.


Zaki's sculptures embody his profound passion for ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean arts, reflecting his contemplation of the theme of resurrection through their forms, techniques, and colours. The exhibition, In the Wind of January, delves into the concept of the revolutionary wind, change, and the fundamental human aspiration to dream of a brighter future in order to protect the dignity and pride of individuals.


Sculptor Khaled Zaki is known for his pivotal role in shaping modernist sculpture in the Middle East. His works, typically in bronze and stone, glide between abstract and figurative forms.

Though he is one of the most prominent contemporary Egyptian artists, Zaki did not plan to study art —he had intended to pursue a career in business before discovering his affinity for sculpture. Zaki received the majority of his artistic training in Italy, reinforced by his experience assisting a variety of artists; he has also received mentorship from key figures in art including Zakaria Al Khonani and Aida Abdel Karim. Zaki's early career saw the artist produce classically informed and representational figures. More recently, his works have become more abstract and geometric in form, but still feature human and animal subjects, sometimes fused with plant-like or fantastical forms.

Zaki holds a Masters in Restoration from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University. He studied Sculpture at the Al Khonaini Museum of Art, Giza, Egypt before moving to Italy in 1988 to train in the use of stone and bronze in the studios and workshops of Pietrasanta. Zaki was selected to represent Egypt at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013). His works have been collected by institutions internationally including by the British Museum. Zaki became the first foreign winner of Italy’s Pietrasanta Painting Prize (1989) and won a competition for the design and execution of a monumental sculpture in Galaa Square, Cairo (2000). In 2015 he received the International Artist prize from Art Taipei, Taiwan.