Figurative to Abstraction: Alfred Basbous

11 - 17 October 2021

Exhibited at Cromwell Place in London by Tabari Artspace Gallery, the exhibition Figurative to Abstraction revealed sculptor Alfred Basbous’ exploration of the relationship between form and material, alongside a preparatory drawing revealing his approach to sculpture.


The Alfred Basbous Foundation committee, faithful to the sculptor's positivity and desire for the preservation of beauty and freedoms, chose to release a focused selection that demonstrated Basbous's artistic aesthetic, with the diverse mediums used in the process of exploring the most beautiful form and shape. Alongside a preparatory drawing, the selected works revealed research into shapes, lines, and materiality from wood to metal, offering a glimpse into what would be shown in the foundation in the new season.


Alfred Basbous was born in 1924 in Rachana, Lebanon (close to the historic city of Byblos). He was a central figure in the development and advancement of Modernism in the Middle East during the latter part of the twentieth century. He organized the first symposium in Lebanon and the region. From 1994 to 2004, international sculptors were invited to exhibit their work, transforming Rachana into an open-air museum. In recognition of Basbous’s unparalleled contributions, the sculpture park was recognized as a UNESCO site in 1997. Basbous has a legacy rooted in cultural exchange with significant European sculptors, from his tutor at École Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Paris, René Collamarini, to his encounters with Henry Moore.