Miramar Al Nayyar b. B. 1997

B. 1997


Miramar Al Nayyar is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Iraq, currently based between Amman and Dubai.


Al Nayyar’s three-dimensional works reveal her profound fascination with the interplay between nature, kinematic phenomena, temporality, and spatiality. Recently, Al Nayyar has placed her focus on an introspective examination of the nude topographies of desert rock formations and their relationship to the human body.


In her praxis, Al Nayyar employs an innovative methodology to encapsulate and immortalise the ephemeral choreography of motion she observes within the desert-scape. The artist imbues her works with the ceaseless cadence of natural motion and captures the dialogue between transitory forces and eternal stasis.


Her self-developed technique amalgamates an array of approaches to painting ranging from oil glazing to the thin layering of wet-on-wet paint and airbrushing.


Her work has been showcased at Gallery Ras Ain (2017), The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (2018), NOFA Gallery (2020), among others. She has also been a participating artist at numerous festivals and projects such as Baladk Street Art Festival (2017-2019), Distrito Grafiti Festival (2019), Wall of Contemplation project (2019), the Factory Festival (2019) and Open Art Shuffle street art festival (2021).|


2023, Postmordial Soup, ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, UAE

2022, Dastaangoi Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2018, Juried exhibition, The First International Watercolor Jordan Forum at The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan



2024, Moving Through The Ether, Tabari Artspace, Dubai, UAE

2017, Self Reections, Fann wa Chai Cafe and Gallery, Amman, Jordan


2024, Art Dubai, UAE


2022, Qouz Arts Fest curated by AlSerkal Avenue, participating artist, audio-visual performance entitled Pure Data

2021, Open Art Shufe Street Art Festival curated by Open Art Museum, participating artist and muralist

2021, The Netherlands

2017, 2018,2019, Baladk Street Art Festival curated by Al Balad Theater, participating artist and muralist, Amman, Jordan

2019, Distrito Grati Street Art Festival curated by vertigo Grafto Group, participating artist, and muralist, Bogotá, Colombia

2019, Break The Silence, Campaign curated by ArtMejo and Embassy of the Netherlands, participating artist, and muralist

2019, Wall of Contemplation, Street Art project curated by MACAM and the EU, participating artist, and muralist

2019, Byblos, Lebanon, The factory Art Festival curated by The Jordanian National Gallery of Fine Arts, participating artist and muralist, Amman, Jordan



2024, Prohelvetia and Rote Fabric, Zurich, Switzerland
2022, Dastaangoi, Islamabad, Pakistan; Wilderness as Archive, Tbilisi, Georgia

2020, Platform27, Amman, Jordan; 7hills skatepark space, Amman, Jordan

2021, Prince Claus Seed Award


Public art commission, Harmony, mural, ICD Brookeld Place

The North Face, International Womens Day 


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