Mohammed Joha

B. 1978


Mohammed Joha has developed a unique expressionistic style of collage with a strong esthetical appeal and multilayered narrative. Joha’s recent compositions are built on a skeleton of architectural horizontal and vertical lines, organically bent into variation, crossed by precise details appearing on the scene and brought to Life by the colorful materials he uses, which are old cloth, paper and carton. 


The depth and appeal of his artwork derives from the formal and clear composition on the one hand, alongside with the playful, organic and carefully placed colorful and light interaction of material and, on the other hand, the serious, suffocating and devastating reality behind his compositions. Representing the chaotic and organic architecture in Gaza, destroyed, rebuilt, devastated, rebuilt again with only cloth and whatever else there is as building material, Mohammed Joha tells the endless story of living in over generations institutionalized confinement, under the ever-underlying threat of re-destruction, while the over-densely populated area steadily grows in terms people living in it.


The architectural representation in Mohammed Joha’s work hints in an unobtrusively direct fashion at the society it houses, caught for eternity between the explicitly temporary nature of their homes, whilst throughout latest history becoming the only perspective there is since and for generations.


2003, BA Art Education, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine
2001-3, Storyboard, Illustration, Tamer Institute for Community Education, Gaza, Palestine 



2021, Solidicity, Beirut Contemporary Art Space, Lisbon - Portugal

2020, Fabric Of Memory, CAP, Kuwait

2019, Fabric Of Memory, Tabari Artspace, Dubai, UAE 
2016, Joha - The Journey, Rich Mix Gallery, curated by Arts Canteen, London, UK 
2016, Inside x Outside, Artspace Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon 
2016, Races and Revelation, Oriental Museum, Durham University, curated by Arts Canteen, UK 
2012, The Jasmine and Bread Revolution, Courtyard Gallery, Dubai, UAE 
2011, Dream in Black and White, The Mosaic Room & AM Qattan Foundation, London, UK 
2011, All that is Unknown, Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Jerusalem, Palestine
2008, Art Behind the News, EineWeltHaus, Munich, Germany 
2008, IN x OUT, Citè Internationale des arts, Paris, France 
2006, Passages of Time, National Ethnographic and Pre-historical Museum Luigi Pigorini, Rome, Italy 
2006, The Shade and the Shade of the Other, Horti Lamiani Bettivo Gallery, Rome, Italy 
2006, Burned Dolls, Al Mina Gallery, Gaza, Palestine 
2005, The Cage, French Cultural Center, Gaza, Ramallah, Nablous, Jerusalem, Palestine 
2005, Tales, Citè Internationale des arts, Paris, France 
2004, Clothes Line, AM. Qattan Foundation,Ramallah, Palestine 
2003, Clothes Line, The Peace Center, Bethlehem, Palestine
2003, Flower Poets and Stories, Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine



2021, Between the Walls, CAP, Kuwait.

2021, Cities Under Quarantine , The Mailbox Project, art book collective show, conceived and curated by Abed Alkadiri & Dongola Limited Edition at Garden Pavilion of Villa Romana, Florence, Italy

2018El Beit, Tabari Artspace, Dubai, UAE 

2014, Faces... A Glimpse in Time, Palestinian Art Court- Al Hoash, Jerusalem, Palestine 
2013, Resilience and Light, Studio 3Gallery University of Kent, curated by: Arts Canteen, Kent, UK

2012, Despite, Rich Mix Gallery , curated by Arts Canteen, London, UK 
2010, Creative Palestinian Arts, Competition/Exhibition/Publication, Art Sawa Dubai, UAE 
2009Gaza 61 + Seoul 59 Gallery Young (Samchun-dong), Seoul, South Korea 
2009Posi on de a a Morlai au Oudour, Morlaix, France 
2008, Five Artists from Gaza, Algerian Cultural Center, Paris, France 
2003, September Harvest, Darat Al-Funun, Organised by lite artist: Marwan Qassab Bacchi, 2003, Amman, Jordan 
2002, Artists have a Different Opinion, Rashad Al-Shawa Cultural Centre, Gaza, Palestine 
20022x12, Arts and Crafts Village, Gaza, Palestine 

2019, Abu Dhabi Art
2016, Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon 
2016, Bahrain Art Fair, Manama, Bahrain 
2011, Munich Contempo International Art Fair, Munich, Germany 


2017-18, Shortlisted Jury member of the Young Artist Award YAYA, AM Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, Palestine
2008, Citè International des arts, Paris, France
2005, Citè International des arts, Paris, France
2004, The first prize and artist of the year for the selected project (Clothes Line) drawing/installation

2004, Hassan Hourani Young Artist Award, AM Qattan Foundation Ramallah, Palestine 
2003, Darat Al Funun, Khalid Shoman Foundation, Amman, Jordan 



2019, Architectural Digest, Four exhibitions in the UAE to expand your cultural horizions

2018, Wide Walls, How Three Palestinian Artists Approached the Concept of Identity