Nasser Al Aswadi Yemeni, b. 1978

"The word ceases to be a word when it is transformed into an aesthetic form – whether in terms of colours, abstraction or free form – and another identity takes over its essential purpose. Here, the line, or the word, becomes a painting. The calligraphic possibilities that exist can render painting into an open visual form." 

For Nasser Al Aswadi, calligraphy is a way to express feelings and thoughts beyond the realm of written language. He breathes new meaning into Arabic lettering, words and forms, as well as spiritual and musical sources, melding them with myriad influences from journeys to rural landscapes, architecture, and chaotic public streets. From these influences, Al Aswadi then creates both two-dimensional canvases and sculptural works. Letters and words are not drawn out in their typical sequence, laid out upon a straight line, instead, they are artfully painted and stacked separately, tangled and lost in an imaginary space. Al Aswadi's interlocking letters form a new visual language, the artist has exhausted the traditional styles of Arabic writing to create a new world in which his work touches the edges of abstraction.