Ahmed Askalany

B.  1978


Ahmed Askalany connects traditional forms and materials in a way that respond to the complexities of contemporary art.  


Working with the resources engrained within his culture and community Askalany takes natural palm leaves and weaves them using an ancient Egyptian craft technique, typically confined to objects of mundane necessity such as baskets. Askalany instead derives inspiration from the human figures and animals that he encounters in his hometown preserving and capturing these fleeting moments in a "mummie-like" form. By doing so, Askalany’s work challenges the very boundaries associated with the notion of what is perceived as crafts and the arts and manages to respond and contribute to the complexity of contemporary artistic practice. Characteristic of Askalany’s works are the aesthetic forms that place an emphasis on both structure and volume, as well as an innocent sense of isolation that reflects frankness, candour and a poetic sensitivity. Among other important exhibitions worldwide, Askalany represented Egypt at the 2009 Venice Biennale.



2018, Day Masr Gallery, Cairo
2017, Masr Gallery, Cairo

2014/12/09, Art Siwaa Gallery, Dubai

2011, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
2009, La Biennale Gallery, Venice, Italy

2008, Magenta Gallery, Dubai

2007, Geziroh Art Center, Zamalek
2006, Sculptures, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
2004/05, Sculptures, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
2004, Delusion, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2003, Cairo. Here, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
2002, Heaven & Earth’s Evil, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

2001, Pats Room & of her Tales, Mashrahia Gallery, Cairo

1999, British Council, Cairo
1998, Qena Cultural Palace, Upper Egypt



2008, Gallery Ebdaa Monandesn, Cairo

2007/08, Art Palace, Opera, Cairo

2007, Saad Zaghioul Center, Cairo

2004, Musulmanes, light installations, Noubar Project, Gallery Moshrabia, Cairo

2004, Musulmanes, Musulmans dans Ia vile, Le parc de Ia villette, Paris, France

2002, 5th Miniatures Exhibition, Cairo Opera House, Cairo
2002, Egyptian face, Doroub Gallery, Cairo

2002, Prayers, 2ND Al Nitaq, Festival of Visual Arts, Cairo

2002, Arts Academy, Rome, Italy
2001, 4th Miniatures Exhibition, Cairo
2001, Doormen, 1st Al Nitaq, Festival, Cairo

2001, My sister the palm, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
2001, Cairo Modern Art in Holland Circle Theatre, Netherlands

2001, 4th Rome and Mediterranean Countries Biennale, Sarajevo

2000, 12th Youth Salon, Cairo Opera House, Cairo
2000, 3rd Miniatures Exhibition, Arts Palace, Zamalek Cairo

1999,11th Youth Salon, Cairo Opera House, Cairo
1999, Port Said Biennale, Egypt
1999, 33rd Young Artists Contest, Fine Arts Association, Cairo

1999, 26th National Exhibition, Cairo Opera House, Cairo

1998, 10th Youth Salon, Arts Palace Zamalek, Cairo
1996, 8th Youth Salon, Arts Palace, Zamalek, Cairo




2008, Project Madinat El Fadilo, Egypt
2004, Aswan international Sculpture Symposium, Egypt

2003, Aswan international Sculpture Symposium, Egypt

1999, Aswan Open Studio, Egypt



2004, Grant to be free for artwork The Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Cairo
2000, First prize, 12th Youth Solon, Cairo
1999, Grant to work in various Luxor studios The General Organizations for Cultural Palaces, Cairo

1999, Aida Abdel Karim's prize, Fine Arts Association, Cairo
1998, First Sculpture prize, 10th Youth Salon, Cairo
1998, Young artist prize, Cairo International Sculpture Biennale1 Cairo



2009, Design Boom, Ahmad Askalany: Egyptian Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 09

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