Peyman Shaafi

B. 1974, in Iran. Peyman Shaafi lives and works in Paris, France.

Peyman Shaafi studied calligraphy and Persian scripts since an early age and started his work with classic Nastaleeq, but later decided to break all the rules and create his own unique style of writing. He gets his inspiration from colours and the soul of each letter and he uses his musical background to make letters move and dance. A perfect example of the dance of these letters can be seen his “Twisted Characters” collection of 6 different paintings. Peyman Shaafi is the first artist to create his paintings on 3D canvases in different geometrical shapes which he builds from scratch.

These unusual canvases are sometimes as much as 10-15 cm high sticking out from the background to convey the message of the artist. Although he works mostly with oil paints, works with mix media can be seen in his collection where he mixes several materials to create a different texture with tiny cracks across the surface of the painting which gives it an old, worn-out look.