A Bridge Between Worlds


For the last two decades, Tabari Artspace gallery has played a central role in connecting international audiences to the modern and contemporary artists of the MENA region and its diaspora. Advanced by an all-women team, Tabari Artspace foregrounds marginalised perspectives and lesser-known narratives in contemporary art.




Tabari Artspace has chartered the evolution of MENA art from the early 2000s towards the emerging artists of today. Our represented artists are conceptually engaged with issues pertinent to the human condition and are united through fine art quality and hand touch. 


The cultural ecosystem in the UAE has been central to the Tabari Artspace trajectory. The gallery is committed to contributing to the region’s cultural vision through the identification and advancement of artistic talent residing in and reflecting upon the GCC. 




Community engagement and wider social access to MENA art are at the core of Tabari Artspace's missions. 


The gallery has fostered relationships between artists and art appreciators, establishing a dynamic community that crosses generations. Physical programming is supplemented by digital counterparts, talks, publishing, workshops, and community events. The Tabari Artspace international residency programme encourages the artists of the region to expand their practice amid new contexts.