Founded in 2002, Tabari Artspace represents modern and contemporary MENA artists internationally.

The gallery's ethos is grounded in inclusivity and collaboration rooted in the notion that art has the capacity to dismantle borders, foster new ways of knowing and stimulate cross cultural understanding. Through a diverse roster of exhibitions at the intersection of the local and the global, Tabari Artspace aims to extend art beyond the exhibition space and establish new possibilities for connection and the advancement of dialogues in the contemporary art world.


Tracing the evolution of MENA art from the modern to the contemporary through its programming, Tabari Artspace played a pivotal role in shaping an international appreciation. The gallery has been central to the advancement of modern masters including Adam HeninAdel El-Siwi, Omar El-Nagdi and Hussein Madi that are, today, collected by such institutions as the British MuseumThe GuggenheimCentre PompidouThe Barjeel Art FoundationInstitut du monde Arabe, and Seoul Museum of Art. 


In recent years Tabari Artspace has expanded its roster to include a new generation of contemporary artists from the MENA region and its diaspora. Located in far-reaching social and cultural contexts, our artists including Samah ShihadiTagreed Darghouth Hazem Harb, Alymamah Rashed and Maitha Abdalla, work across disciplines, are conceptually engaged with issues pertinent to the current human condition and are united through fine art quality.


At the core of Tabari Artspace's missions are community engagement and wider social access to Middle Eastern art, as such its programming is supplemented by talks, publishing, workshops, and community events. 2022 will witness the inauguration of the Tabari Artspace global residency programme, Home from Homewhich encourages the artists of the region to develop their practice amid new communities and environments.